It’s funny how my mind works.

20171126_162254-163693432.jpgI had a dream. Don’t we all?….  Silent LOL . That’s when you laugh out loud to yourself. I dreamed one day I’d be living in the South End of Boston. Living the life I saw going on around me in the mid 90s. Looked fun.  Sounded good to me. Suddenly…It’s all not the same. Everything was changing. New York City called I answered. I could always move back right? All my friends gave me a big party and as the optimistic child of 1970’s TV that I am…. There is only one way this is going to go…..  I am not alone in my fantasy by the way….. That’s really Laugh out Loud! I love O.  I am sorry but this is how my mind works.

That was 2004. Back to Life Back To Reality. Welcome to 2017.

New York City is a hard nut to crack.  Silent LOL I am doing fine. I followed my instincts kept the right people around me,  got rid of the wrong people and now I feel like I am on the right path. Married with two cats. I don’t lie. Once I was thinking I might be doing something else. Not exactly that… well you know. Maybe….  Maybe a little closer to … Time will tell my dear reader.  But guess what? I’m going to make it after all. Don’t count out RPL…. I’m excited for today. YAY!

Do things happen for a reason? One door opens another closes. I do think so. I think I have also been really lucky.  Born at the right time. A few tips and recipes are on the way…. This is all from my own point of view. My thoughts. Sprinkled with a personal history. How I love that book. For those unfamiliar with Katharine Graham, I hear that there is going to be a movie this winter. Something else to be excited for!

Let’s see how this goes together!

Did you know that you can share my blog or a link to my blog on your FB page, Twitter Page. Your own blog. I just ask that you respect my privacy.

Do you know who was really big on privacy?

There’s only one Jackie.

6 thoughts on “It’s funny how my mind works.

  1. Keep them coming😘


  2. So where does DelRay fit into the picture? That’s another door opening!


    1. It is another door opening. I used to have a magnet, jump and the net will appear. Perhaps another blog title…. HMMMMM


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