It’s funny how my mind works.

Our Fenwick

I had a dream. Don’t we all?….  Silent LOL . That’s when you laugh out loud to yourself. I dreamed one day I’d be living in the South End of Boston. Living the life I saw going on around me in the mid 90s. Looked great.  Sounded good to me. Suddenly…It’s a not the same. Everything was changing. New York City called I answered. I could always move back right? All my friends gave me a big party at Club Cafe and as the optimistic child of 1970’s TV that I am…. There is only one way this is going to go…..  I am not alone in my fantasy by the way….. That’s really Laugh out Loud!  I am sorry but this is how my mind works.

Where am I? That was 2004. Welcome to 2017.

New York City is a hard nut to crack.

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7 thoughts on “It’s funny how my mind works.

  1. These are all great and interesting reads. Loved your kitchen staff🤣 And lobster dip😘


    1. They are the best kitchen staff ever. They could have picked up the pace on Thanksgiving though.


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