Tip Time! And “I love a piano!”

Who wants a tip? I was a bartender  once and I loved a good tip. I am talking about other types of tips right now however. Like maybe a hint or suggestion. I know someone that would say that they are a good thing.

I always appreciate tips. I realize now that many people learned things that I did not learn. I don’t think anyone I knew thought my life was going to go the way it did. Myself included. I think my parents envisioned something more like 1960’s Park Avenue  working  They thought as a man why learn about keeping a home and how to throw a party?  I think maybe it was assumed I was going to be working full time and coming home to a lovely wife. She who would turn do all that home keeping for me. Outside I will get my hands dirty in my own tasteful way.  I think I am good at it. Maybe I can throw a tip out to you in that way too!

Tip time!

I never went to the grocery store and noticed the price per pound on items until my very dear friend explained how it worked. I was totally unfamiliar. Say you are buying olives in a can.  Whole Olives will be cheaper than say sliced olives.  Number of olives being equal of course. I think its is obvious that Over the top olives will be expensive. IMO those should be made yourself. Delish.

Price per pound tells you the better buy.  Do you look at price per pound? Mind you that price per pound is not the guide for everything I purchase. I think everyone has favorite potato chips, coffee, and cranberry juice. Maybe there are other products that you consider the quality of to be so superior that to buy anything else is totally out of the question.  Detergent, plastic wrap, shampoo, moisturizer or whatever. You have to live a little after all…. Silent LOL.

Piano Bars. There was a woman in Turtle Bay that used to sing at the piano bars and restaurants  we would so often frequent. It’s sad that so many of those places are closed now. These places  in midtown, west village, or even Florida are now gone.  “Live a little” in the above tip reminded me of her and people we loved to see  or would have loved to have seen.   They were places we loved.

Thank goodness there are places with pianos that are close by us on Long Island’s North Fork.   Thank goodness for those piano bars in the city that are still around! Piano bars and restaurants should make a strong comeback It’s like  American Idol in person. Much more social and fun. That’s what I like.  I know someone else that would just love that. I am cooking his dinner tonight. 


3 thoughts on “Tip Time! And “I love a piano!”

  1. So much fun to read you new blog. I can hear your voice saying the words—a sign of good writing! Keep sharing! xo


    1. Thanks. I am lucky to be a rather fast typer!


  2. Good read❣️


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