Karen Carpenter- The voice of an angel. A Designing Woman.

A dear friend of mine said that I wrote something and now he can’t stop playing Carpenter’s videos. Carpenters on the brain? LOL Does this happen to you? I hope when the friend goes back to work today he is able to focus on the task at hand.  For the unfamiliar, I got married to TJLP to We’ve Only Just Begun Ask Ann N.

Karen Carpenter died in 1983. I remember watching the Karen Carpenter Story on television as a kid in SX. During my “weekend off” I came across this documentary on the Carpenters I was kind of half listening to. It talked about how Karen and Richard toured and toured because their fans mean’t the world to them also because the record company was making a ton of money off them and they were doing their job so to speak. Careful watch you wish for….  Karen was a young girl by all accounts when this all started. Do you know who Brother Boy is? Tammy is his superstar.  I love Brother Boy. Karen is my superstar. In my opinion, people close to her totally discounted everything she was doing and focused only on her brother playing the piano. I bet that feels lousy. Really lousy. Maybe so lousy that in your head you say to yourself  “I’m not hungry”.  I can’t say that this thought really popped into my head ever.That’s a silent LOL . I have thought to myself I am exhausted. I am doing everything that you told me to do and you can’t give me a hug or say thank you. I know this feeling quite well. Thanks for the J. Crew roll neck sweater but how about a hug. I know a friend who knows that feeling too. In my opinion, I think this is how Karen felt. A little invisable maybe. So who cares? I think she might have decided to take up smoking. Started smoking three packs of cigerettes a day just to have something all about her to do. But she probably wouldn’t have taken up smoking. IMO that’s not Karen’s style.  Not good for the voice. Maybe she would have turned to drugs. Drugs don’t really seem to be the direction of such a good girl like Karen though. She didn’t have a minute to herself they say. They say her mother picked out her outfits. Some of those outfits look so 1970 something these days. I hope she was comfortable being out on stage all that time in those outfits. Maybe she said to herself I am going to be perfect. I am going to do everything so well that surely somebody will notice me and I will live happily ever after.  Or maybe she said I am not smoking, I am not doing drugs, I am not happy. I will be perfect and  I am not eating. Of course emotional disease is when you take something to the next level and…. She’s not alone. She’s in good company actually. Not so Silent LOL

Do you ever feel that you are on a roller coaster and can’t get off? Do you ever feel like no one is paying attention to you? Maybe you are on stage like Karen busting it every single day in front of everyone or working two jobs or long hours and no one acts like they care. In Mommie Dearest Joan says to Christina “Life isn’t Fair Tina”. Joan probably told her this truth as a life lesson. But little Christina darling was a kid and she didn’t understand why Joan was saying that to her. Who watched Feud? I think I get it. I have a friend. Let’s call her DW for Designing Woman. DW had it tough. DW put up with a lot of crap thanks to her family. Just like Karen did. DW is still around. DW is going to be okay because DW get herself the help she needed. Be like DW dear readers. I can’t wait to see DW this winter. When I see her I will be on Top of the World.

3 thoughts on “Karen Carpenter- The voice of an angel. A Designing Woman.

  1. This blog was very well written. Given a little history of the late great Karen Carpenter. She was so brilliantly talented and funny!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for note! Much appreciated!


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