Lets give thanks that Thanksgiving is over with and we can move into the rest of the holidays- Leftover Lobster Cheese Dip.

I love Thanksgiving but I am okay that we are moving on to the other holidays. Totally fine. I finally left the house today. Today is Sunday. I have been in the house since last Tuesday. Thanks to Thanksgiving. I took the weekend “off”. There was plenty of food around. Its funny, as i do not recall my grandmother or mother complaining about doing Thanksgiving. Ever. I think my grandmother always really enjoyed doing Thanksgiving. My mother and father did a lot of cooking this year for Thanksgiving in Conn. I think they enjoy it also.

A couple of long days on my feet and…. R, who lived next door, we spoke Saturday, she’s probably done Thanksgiving every year since she got married, she said she had a great Thanksgiving but she felt it too… It’s a lot of work for those unfamiliar.

This dip was so quick. OMG. TJLP loved it. The big box store my dear friend loves, always has little frozen pre-cooked lobster for lobster newburg style dishes and appetizers. TJLP wanted me to make a dip we saw on tv. Got the lobster there for that appetizer dip. The recipe was okay but I wasn’t like OMG. Now, on the other hand, this was really quite good. Verging on OMG. TLJP got us more bread when we finished what I put out. He couldn’t say enough about this dip. That good! TJLP, always the gentleman.

None of this Leftover Lobster Dip went to waste! I served on those little cocktail breads you can find here and there. Sometimes I make little toasted baguette slices but the home town market did not have any baguettes. They do always carry those cocktail bread loaves.


I had some processed cheesed in the fridge. I microwaved it (no lid).


It looks so Pop Art-esque.


Someone opened this at Thanksgiving and had like a half a glass. Poured into jar of cheese and thinned it out to desired consistency.


A wonderful all purpose seasoning. Season to taste into the cheese jar with the blended wine and cheese.



My approved kitchen staff. Never in the way.


Under Broiler and there you go! It was ever so slightly under the broiler longer than needed. That’s why there is dark spots in the dish.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, if you were the chef on Thanksgiving, it is perfectly fine if things are “off target” for a few days. The cute little garnish for Thanksgiving I re-purposed for this dip.

I would definitely make this for Christmas parties.

Tonight’s sunset. OMG!


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