Town and Country- 1 of 2

Yesterday was one of those days. Yep,  One of those days. I’ll remember it alright….  Today,  November 28th 2017 , is known as a GRIDLOCK day! I note the calendar of GRIDLOCK days and make sure I avoid being in Manhattan during them. The usual traffic is bad enough.  You know why it is a GRIDLOCK day?  “The Tree”.

My neighbor’s tree. I look forward to it every year.


I did make some friends yesterday. IMO its always interesting to connect with people- in person. Sometimes I think I don’t connect with enough people in person. Perhaps I will be connecting with more people thanks to my writings. Both online and in person. Let’s hope so.

A day “in town” NYC can be a carnival. Many consider Manhattan to be the center of the universe.  It can sometimes make you feel brand new.   It’s definitely a change from country living.  Just ask LD. I do look forward to seeing  a friend when I go into Manhattan. Let’s call her BA. It’s always LOL with her.  I am lucky to have her! She taught me something yesterday too! I didn’t know that. Did you know that?

Mission Accomplished. I enjoyed my lunch. Just poking around.. I learned things.  Heading to the bus I treated myself and  I got my shoes shined. It is what you do when you live on the North Fork and go into the city.

Getting on the bus coming home to the North Fork felt welcoming. I was all set with inspiring reading materials:

“On Trend” inspiration

An inspiring list.

A little North Fork inspiration.

I recommend all three. I like to be inspired. IMO it is so nice to put the phone down and away.   I wish more people would when walking around the Big Apple.

When you take the bus regularly, often one see familiar faces. In part two, we shall talk about a familiar face and a familiar place. I bet you are already looking forward to my  return trip and a Whole Lot of Love.  So much to cover! How will I tie it together?

What did I tell you before?


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