Ding Ding Meatballs

I make these often. When the doorbell goes “Ding Ding”, with last minute guests, these meatballs come together in minutes. The garnish finally had to go today. IMO it still looks great! Presentation is important.


It’s a Fiesta of flavor!


The ingredients for this recipe are simple. We have here the meatballs, which are available at my dear friend‘s favorite store. The only other ingredients are Honey and Balti Seasoning. We love this seasoning. It perfumes the air with a wonderful scent.  I wonder if they can smell it outside?


Mix together and into the MO they go. I do 3 minutes or so just to take the chill off. Newer ovens may need less time. This reminds me of when I was working at a lovely country inn. All staff were told that you cannot call the MO the MO.   A guest might overhear and then complain.  The MO was from that point further referred to as “Oven 13”. Does anyone really live without a microwave these days? Did anyone ever work in a crazy kitchen? Is there a restaurant kitchen that isn’t a little crazy or shall we say LOCO?  Silent LOL  Maybe it is not so silent after all.

Take the coated balls  out of the MO and give a stir.  Adjust seasonings to taste. Don’t LOL!

The dish might be HOT!

I told you to be careful. Don’t drop the bowl! LOL

Take a minute to tend to yourself if necessary.

Line a small sheet pan with parchment paper. I used foil in the picture but there is controversy on that.  What could possibly go wrong when dining? Ask ET.


Evenly distribute the coated meatballs on the lined sheet. (Easy clean up!) This SO was a gist for me one XMAS. I didn’t know how much I would use it when I got it. Great gift idea for the chef in your life. There are other small ovens out there but this is the one I have.

I set the broiler for 7 seven minutes.   DING DING They are done. I like how the SO shuts itself off when it is done. (Helpful feature when I am on the grill and roasting vegetables in the SO.) TJPL How I  well I multi-task.

fb_img_1511997403000163125119.jpg Ovens vary, spices vary, last minute guests can also vary. You can always try one meatball before serving just to make sure they are as expected. I like them to have a nice color. But not too much color.


What you serve to drink is totally up to you.


Cheers! Whatever different friends show up… Enjoy your lovely evening of fun and laughter.





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