It’s time to ‘Shell to Table’. Maybe I am having a moment?

Good Morning from the North Fork of Long Island. It’s time to Shellabrate in Greenport all weekend. This event is organized by the Greenport Business Improvement District. The wristband sales benefit Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County’s Back to the Bays Initiative and SPAT Program. Has anyone grown their own oysters? I have always been curious. I am looking forward to enjoying the bounty of our region later today and tomorrow.




At the end of Cape Cod, another event is also taking place this weekend. Holly Folly. Is anyone running in the Jingle Bell Run? If I ever had a wish to be two places at once it would be on weekends or days like these.

In this month’s O magazine there is a article entitled living the dream.The title made me think about the camp classic Die Mommie Die. LOL Angela Arden sings “Why Not Me”.a song about taking chances and embracing change. It’s her moment.

These days, every news story seems more unbelievable than the last one you saw. IMO, it is easy to get caught up in the carnival.  I am choosing to take a moment to focus on things that bring me, my family, and friends joy and inspiration. I would encourage you to do the same.

Some changes are coming my way soon. Looking forward to those changes and seeing dear friends again. It’s the holiday season after all and I hope you enjoy your weekend how you chose.

Today is Saturday, December 2nd 2017.

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