It’s Sunday Funday. It’s time to get out of your own way on to something fantastic!

Good Morning from the North Fork of Long Island. Did anyone catch Saturday Night Live last night? Aside from some playful sketch comedy, IMO they saved the best for last. I was dozing a little when suddenly U2 came on and blew me away! It reminded me of one of the first times this ever happened to me.

A gift idea for those of you with little ones. You’re welcome.

20171115_091923378058252.jpgSome rather amazing things are happening. Not unlike the opening to one of those shows your 2nd grade teacher used to bring in the reel to reel projector or VCR for on those special indoor playground days. Remember when the live children on the carousel turned into cartoon and went into the wild wild west of Central Park?

You should if you clicked right this morning. Silent LOL.  I remember sitting there in total wonder. Maybe I even had a moment. LOL After watching, I felt like the world was going to be a great place to be myself. Took long enough. LOL  I feel like I am going to be flying off the carousel into something really meaningful. I think I know where that optimistic kid of the 70’s is going to be driving to. Back where it all began.

fb_img_14905811567971940596636.jpgI hope you will stay with me dear readers I need your support!

Today is Sunday, December 3rd 2017.

1 thought on “It’s Sunday Funday. It’s time to get out of your own way on to something fantastic!

  1. That Griswold Inn is beautiful, my kind of place. Love the carousel and gift idea for the kiddies❣️


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