“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” – Charles M. Schulz

Good Morning from Delray Beach! Warm days and cool nights. It’s December in Florida!


It’s been great seeing  my friends since we got down. Naturally, I put together a quick dinner party.

I truly cannot recommend this lamb recipe enough. Makes for a quick yet impressive meal. I served with risotto. Once the lamb is in the oven, I have time to set the table and tidy up before guests arrive. It’s always good to have a plan of action!


Doesn’t that look good? The recipe is really just some pantry staples.


That’s a honey bear hiding behind the French Thyme! LOL

IMO a good meal and paired with good company is really what the holidays are all about.  All this needs is a bottle of a North Fork Red and it’s BON APPÉTIT!


I like to serve my guests table-side and then return the platter to a warm oven in case anyone wants a second helping. When a dish is this good you can be sure that they will!

What dishes will you be making this holiday season?

Calendars can often take a hectic turn this time of year. Make sure to take care of yourselves. Remember you cannot be of much help to others if you are not in best form. Get your rest and stay hydrated.  For those of you in cooler climates enjoy the beginning of a snowy season.

Today is Thursday, December 14, 2017.


3 thoughts on ““Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” – Charles M. Schulz

  1. Looks delicious Ron! I don’t have the opportunity to eat lamb often as Dee is allergic! Same with pork! I love the serving tableside idea. Much better than plating in the kitchen!


    1. If you do Prime Rib of Beef, you can slice and serve table-side. I did table-side at Thanksgiving also as I didn’t want to leave the platters on the table and risk stains and damage to the tablecloth. Or look at them during the meal. 🙂


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